Chalk Hill

Location - McLaren Vale, South Australia
The story of Chalk Hill starts in 1839 when John Harvey arrived in Adelaide, which was then a three-year-old colony of just 6,000 people.
John was the second person to plant grapes north of Adelaide in the town he established and named Salisbury, in honour of his wife's birthplace in England. Little did he realise that he was starting a grape-growing and wine-making heritage that continues six generations and over 180 years later.
Today, they are all involved in the wine community, with Kate a General Manager at Wine Australia, Jock running his own vineyards and Tom running Chalk Hill Wines. So, I guess you could say the sixth generation is keeping the family wine heritage alive!
Chalk Hill has five vineyards across McLaren Vale, including the Chalk Hill vineyard that was planted in 1969 and is now home to the newly opened Chalk Hill Tasting Room!

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