Dowie Doole

Location - McLaren Vale, South Australia

In 1995 DOWIE DOOLE’s founders Drew Dowie and Norm Doole realised the potential of their estate vineyard. Forming a partnership to nurture these two terroirs, using Biodynamic techniques to ensure the sustainability of these living landscapes for future generations.  The fruit therefore truly expresses not only its place but also the environment in which it is grown.  

This story continues, now in the hands of Chief Winemaker Chris Thomas.  Drew and Norm, both visionary and passionate about sustainability saw the need to pass on DOWIE DOOLE to the next generation for the story to continue.  So, in 2015, 20 years after foundation Drew and Norm knew the passion that their winemaker Chris carried for the story to continue so they gave him the opportunity to purchase DOWIE DOOLE.  Chris and a group of likeminded wine enthusiasts purchased DOWIE DOOLE in 2015.  Norm Doole still remains involved as a shareholder and chairman of DOWIE DOOLE. 

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