Imperial Measures Distilling

Location - Thebarton, South Australia

The team behind Imperial Measure Distilling, Chris Jones and David Danby, met whilst working together in the hospitality industry at Adelaide's famed imbibing institution 'The Apothecary 1878'.  During this time working together they spent the better part of their lives either behind, in front or on top of bars, all whilst chipping away at the the concept of opening a distillery. Imperial Measures Distilling was officially established in 2014 and the ball started rolling. After many a late night chat, many a knock off and many an extended phone call it all culminated in an opportunity to do some full scale distillation with our friends at Applewood Distillery. IMD is now distilling in their own premises in Thebarton, Adelaide and have recently opened our Distillery Bar - ‘Ounce Bar’ at Imperial Measures Distilling. 

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