Kay Brothers

Location - McLaren Vale, South Australia


The Amery property was purchased by Herbert and Frederick Kay in October 1890 and they officially came into possession on February 2nd 1891, as is noted in the diary commenced that day:

The Kay Family opened the Cellar Door in 1956 with wine purchased, due to regulations, in four-flagon (2 gallon) minimum. All the Kay family were inevitably involved in this process as well as the normal winery and vineyard jobs. During the 1960s the demand for packaged wine continued to rise, building the industry with which we are more familiar today. Over the same time Colin Kay, the eldest of the next generation, completed his oenology training before returning to work at Amery in 1969.

Vineyards became more mechanised and more modern grape receiving equipment was installed in the winery along with modern pumping equipment and vineyard irrigation.

Kays no longer sells bulk wines and instead sells all its wine, including fortified wines, under the Kay Brothers label. It has a vision to protect the values of its forebears and to continue to produce sustainable wines of exemplary quality as it has done for three generations.

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