Whistler Wines

Location - Stonewell, South Australia 

Grape growing has been part of the Pfeiffer family way of life for four generations, beginning with Albert Heinrich Pfeiffer, who owned a vineyard in the Riverland region of South Australia. Albert would spend many hours in the vines with his son Hubert, working the vineyard in bare feet with his faithful Clydesdale, Bloss, before harvesting the grapes and selling them to local producers.

Like his father before him, Martin has shown his son’s Josh and Sam the art of grape growing, handing down the knowledge from the previous generations to ensure that the skills learned are not lost.

Josh (former Henschke winemaker) took an interest in the vineyard and influenced Martin to convert to organic practices in 2013 and biodynamic practices in 2017. We now employ a traditional Barossa method of controlling weeds under vine by dodging out, hilling back on, and knifing through the roots of young weeds to ensure that the soil microbiology stays as healthy as possible. 

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