Ambleside Mixed Gin Pack (375ml x 3)

Ambleside Mixed Gin Pack (375ml x 3)


Ambleside Distillers

Our Triple Pack contains a bottle of each of our 3 signature Gins in this handy carry box.

No. 8 Botanical Gin showcases the zesty citrus flavour of South Australia’s very own organic Riverland oranges. This botanical gin is soft and smooth on the palate. The citrus notes are complemented by the distinct flavour of star anise and coriander seed.   

On the Palate: Orange, fresh lemon, floral and peppery. The citrus extends through the mid palate.

Enjoy with a quality, floral tonic water and a slice or two of dehydrated orange.

375ml bottle size @ 40% Alc/Vol

Small Acre, big flavour! 12 botanicals, some from our own distillery garden, make up this punchy gin. Rhubarb, bay leaf, apple and cloves give a savoury zing on the palate. 

On the Palate: Juniper, pine, notes of white pepper, herbaceous and earthy body, slight bite to finish

This style pairs well with just about anything green, fresh and leafy. Our suggestion; some fresh basil and a quality floral tonic water. Great for cocktail making and mixing.

375ml bottle size @ 42% Alc/Vol

Big Dry Gin is big, dry and peppery but not too spicy. Big Dry has notes of rosemary and thyme but what sets this gin apart is the jalapeno we use to give it that extra kick. The intense and robust flavours complement the dry taste of the juniper berries. 

On the Palate: Juniper, pine, pimento, mace. Oil content creates good mouth feel, warm at the back of the palate from the jalapeno.

This style lends itself to a martini or in a G&T with a slice of jalapeno and some fresh coffee beans.

375ml bottle size @ 45% Alc/Vol